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Updated for 1.38.0

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XAMPPRocky committed Sep 8, 2019
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Version 1.38.0 (2019-09-26)

- [The `#[global_allocator]` attribute can now be used in submodules.][62735]
- [The `#[deprecated]` attribute can now be used on macros.][62042]

- [Added tier 3\* support for the `aarch64-uwp-windows-msvc`, `i686-uwp-windows-gnu`,
`i686-uwp-windows-msvc`, `x86_64-uwp-windows-gnu`, and
`x86_64-uwp-windows-msvc` targets.][60260]
- [Added support for the `armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabi` and
`armv7-unknown-linux-musleabi` targets.][63107]
- [Added support for the `hexagon-unknown-linux-musl` target.][62814]
- [Added pipelined compilation support to `rustc`.][62766] This will
improve compiliation times in some cases. For further information please refer
to the [_"Evaluating pipelined rustc compilation"_][pipeline-internals] thread.
- [Added support for the `riscv32i-unknown-none-elf` target.][62784]

\* Refer to Rust's [platform support page][forge-platform-support] for more
information on Rust's tiered platform support.

- [`ascii::EscapeDefault` now implements `Clone` and `Display`.][63421]
- [Derive macros for prelude traits (e.g. `Clone`, `Debug`, `Hash`) are now
available at the same path as the trait.][63056] (e.g. The `Clone` derive macro
is available at `std::clone::Clone`). This also makes all built-in macros
available in `std`/`core` root. e.g. `std::include_bytes!`.
- [`str::Chars` now implements `Debug`.][63000]
- [`slice::{concat, connect, join}` now accepts `&[T]` in addition to `&T`.][62528]
- [`*const T` and `*mut T` now implement `marker::Unpin`.][62583]
- [`Arc<[T]>` and `Rc<[T]>` now implement `FromIterator<T>`.][61953]
- [Added euclidean remainder and division operations (`div_euclid`,
`rem_euclid`) to all numeric primitives.][61884] Additionally `checked`,
`overflowing`, and `wrapping` versions are available for all
integer primitives.
- [`thread::AccessError` now implements `Clone`, `Copy`, `Eq`, `Error`, and
- [`iter::{StepBy, Peekable, Take}` now implement `DoubleEndedIterator`.][61457]

Stabilized APIs
- [`<*const T>::cast`]
- [`<*mut T>::cast`]
- [`Duration::as_secs_f32`]
- [`Duration::as_secs_f64`]
- [`Duration::div_duration_f32`]
- [`Duration::div_duration_f64`]
- [`Duration::div_f32`]
- [`Duration::div_f64`]
- [`Duration::from_secs_f32`]
- [`Duration::from_secs_f64`]
- [`Duration::mul_f32`]
- [`Duration::mul_f64`]
- [`any::type_name`]

- [Added pipelined compilation support to `cargo`.][cargo/7143]
- [You can now pass the `--features` option multiple times to enable
multiple features.][cargo/7084]

- [`rustc` will now warn if you create an value with
`mem::{uninitialized, zeroed}` that is known to be undefined behaviour.][63346]

[`<*const T>::cast`]:
[`<*mut T>::cast`]:

Version 1.37.0 (2019-08-15)

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