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Update release notes for 1.17

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Version 1.17.0 (2017-04-27)


* [The lifetime of statics and consts defaults to `'static`][39265]. [RFC 1623]
* [Fields of structs may be initialized without duplicating the field/variable
names][39761]. [RFC 1682]
* [`Self` may be included in the `where` clause of `impls`][38864]. [RFC 1647]
* [When coercing to an unsized type lifetimes must be equal][40319]. That is,
there is no subtyping between `T` and `U` when `T: Unsize<U>`. For example,
coercing `&mut [&'a X; N]` to `&mut [&'b X]` requires `'a` be equal to
`'b`. Soundness fix.
* [Values passed to the indexing operator, `[]`, automatically coerce][40166]
* [Static variables may contain references to other statics][40027]


* [Exit quickly on only `--emit dep-info`][40336]
* [Make `-C relocation-model` more correctly determine whether the linker
creates a position-independent executable][40245]
* [Add `-C overflow-checks` to directly control whether integer overflow
* [The rustc type checker now checks items on demand instead of in a single
in-order pass][40008]. This is mostly an internal refactoring in support of
future work, including incremental type checking, but also resolves [RFC
1647], allowing `Self` to appear in `impl` `where` clauses.
* [Optimize vtable loads][39995]
* [Turn off vectorization for Emscripten targets][39990]
* [Provide suggestions for unknown macros imported with `use`][39953]
* [Fix ICEs in path resolution][39939]
* [Strip exception handling code on Emscripten when `panic=abort`][39193]
* [Add clearer error message using `&str + &str`][39116]

Stabilized APIs

* [`Arc::into_raw`]
* [`Arc::from_raw`]
* [`Arc::ptr_eq`]
* [`Rc::into_raw`]
* [`Rc::from_raw`]
* [`Rc::ptr_eq`]
* [`Ordering::then`]
* [`Ordering::then_with`]
* [`BTreeMap::range`]
* [`BTreeMap::range_mut`]
* [`collections::Bound`]
* [`process::abort`]
* [`ptr::read_unaligned`]
* [`ptr::write_unaligned`]
* [`Result::expect_err`]
* [`Cell::swap`]
* [`Cell::replace`]
* [`Cell::into_inner`]
* [`Cell::take`]


* [`BTreeMap` and `BTreeSet` can iterate over ranges][27787]
* [`Cell` can store non-`Copy` types][39793]. [RFC 1651]
* [`String` implements `FromIterator<&char>`][40028]
* `Box` [implements][40009] a number of new conversions:
`From<Box<str>> for String`,
`From<Box<[T]>> for Vec<T>`,
`From<Box<CStr>> for CString`,
`From<Box<OsStr>> for OsString`,
`From<Box<Path>> for PathBuf`,
`Into<Box<str>> for String`,
`Into<Box<[T]>> for Vec<T>`,
`Into<Box<CStr>> for CString`,
`Into<Box<OsStr>> for OsString`,
`Into<Box<Path>> for PathBuf`,
`Default for Box<str>`,
`Default for Box<CStr>`,
`Default for Box<OsStr>`,
`From<&CStr> for Box<CStr>`,
`From<&OsStr> for Box<OsStr>`,
`From<&Path> for Box<Path>`
* [`ffi::FromBytesWithNulError` implements `Error` and `Display`][39960]
* [Specialize `PartialOrd<A> for [A] where A: Ord`][39642]
* [Slightly optimize `slice::sort`][39538]
* [Add `ToString` trait specialization for `Cow<'a, str>` and `String`][39440]
* [`Box<[T]>` implements `From<&[T]> where T: Copy`,
`Box<str>` implements `From<&str>`][39438]
* [`IpAddr` implements `From` for various arrays. `SocketAddr` implements
`From<(I, u16)> where I: Into<IpAddr>`][39372]
* [`format!` estimates the needed capacity before writing a string][39356]
* [Support unprivileged symlink creation in Windows][38921]
* [`PathBuf` implements `Default`][38764]
* [Implement `PartialEq<[A]>` for `VecDeque<A>`][38661]
* [`HashMap` resizes adaptively][38368] to guard against DOS attacks
and poor hash functions.


* [Add `cargo check --all`][cargo/3731]
* [Add an option to ignore SSL revocation checking][cargo/3699]
* [Add `cargo run --package`][cargo/3691]
* [Add `required_features`][cargo/3667]
* [Assume `` is a build script][cargo/3664]
* [Find workspace via `workspace_root` link in containing member][cargo/3562]


* [Documentation is rendered with mdbook instead of the obsolete, in-tree
* [The "Unstable Book" documents nightly-only features][ubook]
* [Improve the style of the sidebar in rustdoc output][40265]
* [Configure build correctly on 64-bit CPU's with the armhf ABI][40261]
* [Fix MSP430 breakage due to `i128`][40257]
* [Preliminary Solaris/SPARCv9 support][39903]
* [`rustc` is linked statically on Windows MSVC targets][39837], allowing it to
run without installing the MSVC runtime.
* [`rustdoc --test` includes file names in test names][39788]
* This release includes builds of `std` for `sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu`,
`aarch64-unknown-linux-fuchsia`, and `x86_64-unknown-linux-fuchsia`.
* [Initial support for `aarch64-unknown-freebsd`][39491]
* [Initial support for `i686-unknown-netbsd`][39426]
* [This release no longer includes the old makefile build system][39431]. Rust
is built with a custom build system, written in Rust, and with Cargo.
* [Add Debug implementations for libcollection structs][39002]
* [`TypeId` implements `PartialOrd` and `Ord`][38981]
* [`--test-threads=0` produces an error][38945]
* [`rustup` installs documentation by default][40526]
* [The Rust source includes NatVis visualizations][39843]. These can be used by
WinDbg and Visual Studio to improve the debugging experience.

Compatibility Notes

* [Rust 1.17 does not correctly detect the MSVC 2017 linker][38584]. As a
workaround, either use MSVC 2015 or run vcvars.bat.
* [When coercing to an unsized type lifetimes must be equal][40319]. That is,
disallow subtyping between `T` and `U` when `T: Unsize<U>`, e.g. coercing
`&mut [&'a X; N]` to `&mut [&'b X]` requires `'a` be equal to `'b`. Soundness
* [`format!` and `Display::to_string` panic if an underlying formatting
implementation returns an error][40117]. Previously the error was silently
ignored. It is incorrect for `write_fmt` to return an error when writing
to a string.
* [In-tree crates are verified to be unstable][39851]. Previously, some minor
crates were marked stable and could be accessed from the stable toolchain.
* [Rust git source no longer includes vendored crates][39728]. Those that need
to build with vendored crates should build from release tarballs.
* [Fix inert attributes from `proc_macro_derives`][39572]
* [During crate resolution, rustc prefers a crate in the sysroot if two crates
are otherwise identical][39518]. Unlikely to be encountered outside the Rust
build system.
* [Fixed bugs around how type inference interacts with dead-code][39485]. The
existing code generally ignores the type of dead-code unless a type-hint is
provided; this can cause surprising inference interactions particularly around
defaulting. The new code uniformly ignores the result type of dead-code.
* [Tuple-struct constructors with private fields are no longer visible][38932]
* [Lifetime parameters that do not appear in the arguments are now considered
early-bound][38897], resolving a soundness bug (#[32330]). The
`hr_lifetime_in_assoc_type` future-compatibility lint has been in effect since
April of 2016.
* [rustdoc: fix doctests with non-feature crate attributes][38161]
* [Make transmuting from fn item types to pointer-sized types a hard

[RFC 1623]:
[RFC 1647]:
[RFC 1651]:
[RFC 1682]:

Version 1.16.0 (2017-03-16)

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