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RalfJung committed Mar 12, 2019
1 parent 7fcdb93 commit 8ec8639bf3f8c7b17d91028f698abc3067cd56ea
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@@ -2878,7 +2878,8 @@ impl<'a, T: ?Sized> From<NonNull<T>> for Unique<T> {
/// Notice that `NonNull<T>` has a `From` instance for `&T`. However, this does
/// not change the fact that mutating through a (pointer derived from a) shared
/// reference is undefined behavior unless the mutation happens inside an
/// [`UnsafeCell<T>`]. When using this `From` instance without an `UnsafeCell<T>`,
/// [`UnsafeCell<T>`]. The same goes for creating a mutable reference from a shared
/// reference. When using this `From` instance without an `UnsafeCell<T>`,
/// it is your responsibility to ensure that `as_mut` is never called, and `as_ptr`
/// is never used for mutation.

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