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Fix ICE in const pretty printing and resolve FIXME

Consts now have a `fmt::Display` impl, so we can just use that to pretty-print.
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varkor committed Jan 6, 2020
1 parent 760ce94 commit 8f94d9bb0828a2dfcc1dd3258de7775b9bae2cc8
Showing with 5 additions and 12 deletions.
  1. +5 −12 src/librustc/ty/print/
@@ -165,19 +165,12 @@ impl DefPathBasedNames<'tcx> {

// Pushes the the name of the specified const to the provided string.
// If `debug` is true, usually-unprintable consts (such as `Infer`) will be printed,
// as well as the unprintable types of constants (see `push_type_name` for more details).
pub fn push_const_name(&self, c: &Const<'tcx>, output: &mut String, debug: bool) {
if let ty::ConstKind::Value(_) = c.val {
// FIXME(const_generics): we could probably do a better job here.
write!(output, "{:?}", c).unwrap()
} else if debug {
write!(output, "{:?}", c).unwrap()
} else {
bug!("DefPathBasedNames: trying to create const name for unexpected const: {:?}", c,);
// If `debug` is true, the unprintable types of constants will be printed with `fmt::Debug`
// (see `push_type_name` for more details).
pub fn push_const_name(&self, ct: &Const<'tcx>, output: &mut String, debug: bool) {
write!(output, "{}", ct).unwrap();
output.push_str(": ");
self.push_type_name(c.ty, output, debug);
self.push_type_name(ct.ty, output, debug);

pub fn push_def_path(&self, def_id: DefId, output: &mut String) {

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