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update rustc_feature crate docs

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Centril committed Nov 30, 2019
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//! # Feature gating
//! # Feature gates
//! This module implements the gating necessary for preventing certain compiler
//! features from being used by default. This module will crawl a pre-expanded
//! AST to ensure that there are no features which are used that are not
//! enabled.
//! This crate declares the set of past and present unstable features in the compiler.
//! Feature gate checking itself is done in `libsyntax/feature_gate/` at the moment.
//! Features are enabled in programs via the crate-level attributes of
//! `#![feature(...)]` with a comma-separated list of features.
//! For the purpose of future feature-tracking, once code for detection of feature
//! gate usage is added, *do not remove it again* even once the feature
//! becomes stable.
//! For the purpose of future feature-tracking, once a feature gate is added,
//! even if it is stabilized or removed, *do not remove it*. Instead, move the
//! symbol to the `accepted` or `removed` modules respectively.

mod accepted;
mod removed;

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