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Document safety of Path casting

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Mark-Simulacrum committed Dec 26, 2019
1 parent 3ac40b6 commit 9c0f3f7f2ae2492542fea99338fac13242cfe25e
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@@ -296,6 +296,13 @@ where

// See note at the top of this module to understand why these are used:
// These casts are safe as OsStr is internally a wrapper around [u8] on all
// platforms.
// Note that currently this relies on the special knowledge that libstd has;
// these types are single-element structs but are not marked repr(transparent)
// or repr(C) which would make these casts allowable outside std.
fn os_str_as_u8_slice(s: &OsStr) -> &[u8] {
unsafe { &*(s as *const OsStr as *const [u8]) }

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