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local variables. Local variables can be used only after they have been
initialized; this is enforced by the compiler.

# Runtime services, linkage and debugging

The Rust _runtime_ is a relatively compact collection of Rust code that
provides fundamental services and datatypes to all Rust threads at run-time. It
is smaller and simpler than many modern language runtimes. It is tightly
integrated into the language's execution model of memory, threads, communication
and logging.

### Memory allocation

The runtime memory-management system is based on a _service-provider
interface_, through which the runtime requests blocks of memory from its
environment and releases them back to its environment when they are no longer
needed. The default implementation of the service-provider interface consists
of the C runtime functions `malloc` and `free`.

The runtime memory-management system, in turn, supplies Rust threads with
facilities for allocating releasing stacks, as well as allocating and freeing
heap data.

### Built in types

The runtime provides C and Rust code to assist with various built-in types,
such as arrays, strings, and the low level communication system (ports,
channels, threads).

Support for other built-in types such as simple types, tuples and enums is
open-coded by the Rust compiler.

### Thread scheduling and communication

The runtime provides code to manage inter-thread communication. This includes
the system of thread-lifecycle state transitions depending on the contents of
queues, as well as code to copy values between queues and their recipients and
to serialize values for transmission over operating-system inter-process
communication facilities.

### Linkage
# Linkage

The Rust compiler supports various methods to link crates together both
statically and dynamically. This section will explore the various methods to

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