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Don't use "base place" for different concepts

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oli-obk committed Jun 8, 2019
1 parent e5375b2 commit b137a4729fa6133e4977e3a356e22ffb50e30410
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@@ -712,7 +712,7 @@ macro_rules! make_mir_visitor {
location: Location) {
// this is calling `super_place` in preparation for changing `Place` to be
// a struct with a base and a slice of projections. `visit_place` should only ever
// be called for the base place now.
// be called for the outermost place now.
self.super_place(& $($mutability)? proj.base, context, location);
match & $($mutability)? proj.elem {
ProjectionElem::Deref => {

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