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bootstrap: Don't add LLVM's bin directory to the PATH for tool invoca…

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michaelwoerister committed Apr 29, 2019
1 parent 29cf3f5 commit c95f5e31c7234b33a66da2739ecfe835b2877e9f
@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ use crate::Compiler;
use crate::builder::{Step, RunConfig, ShouldRun, Builder};
use crate::util::{exe, add_lib_path};
use crate::compile;
use crate::native;
use crate::channel::GitInfo;
use crate::channel;
use crate::cache::Interned;
@@ -698,56 +697,6 @@ impl<'a> Builder<'a> {

// Add the llvm/bin directory to PATH since it contains lots of
// useful, platform-independent tools
if tool.uses_llvm_tools() && !self.config.dry_run {
let mut additional_paths = vec![];

if let Some(llvm_bin_path) = self.llvm_bin_path() {

// If LLD is available, add that too.
if self.config.lld_enabled {
let lld_install_root = self.ensure(native::Lld {

let lld_bin_path = lld_install_root.join("bin");

if host.contains("windows") {
// On Windows, PATH and the dynamic library path are the same,
// so we just add the LLVM bin path to lib_path
} else {
let old_path = env::var_os("PATH").unwrap_or_default();
let new_path = env::join_paths(additional_paths.into_iter()
.expect("Could not add LLVM bin path to PATH");
cmd.env("PATH", new_path);

add_lib_path(lib_paths, cmd);

fn llvm_bin_path(&self) -> Option<PathBuf> {
if self.config.llvm_enabled() {
let llvm_config = self.ensure(native::Llvm {
emscripten: false,

// Add the llvm/bin directory to PATH since it contains lots of
// useful, platform-independent tools
let llvm_bin_path = llvm_config.parent()
.expect("Expected llvm-config to be contained in directory");
} else {
@@ -9,17 +9,17 @@ all: cpp-executable rust-executable

$(RUSTC) -Clinker-plugin-lto=on -o $(TMPDIR)/librustlib-xlto.a -Copt-level=2 -Ccodegen-units=1 ./
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) $(CLANG) -flto=thin -fuse-ld=lld -L $(TMPDIR) -lrustlib-xlto -o $(TMPDIR)/cmain ./cmain.c -O3
$(CLANG) -flto=thin -fuse-ld=lld -L $(TMPDIR) -lrustlib-xlto -o $(TMPDIR)/cmain ./cmain.c -O3
# Make sure we don't find a call instruction to the function we expect to
# always be inlined.
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/cmain | $(CGREP) -v -e "call.*rust_always_inlined"
"$(LLVM_BIN_DIR)"/llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/cmain | $(CGREP) -v -e "call.*rust_always_inlined"
# As a sanity check, make sure we do find a call instruction to a
# non-inlined function
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/cmain | $(CGREP) -e "call.*rust_never_inlined"
"$(LLVM_BIN_DIR)"/llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/cmain | $(CGREP) -e "call.*rust_never_inlined"

$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) $(CLANG) ./clib.c -flto=thin -c -o $(TMPDIR)/clib.o -O2
$(CLANG) ./clib.c -flto=thin -c -o $(TMPDIR)/clib.o -O2
(cd $(TMPDIR); $(AR) crus ./libxyz.a ./clib.o)
$(RUSTC) -Clinker-plugin-lto=on -L$(TMPDIR) -Copt-level=2 -Clinker=$(CLANG) -Clink-arg=-fuse-ld=lld ./ -o $(TMPDIR)/rsmain
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/rsmain | $(CGREP) -e "call.*c_never_inlined"
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/rsmain | $(CGREP) -v -e "call.*c_always_inlined"
"$(LLVM_BIN_DIR)"/llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/rsmain | $(CGREP) -e "call.*c_never_inlined"
"$(LLVM_BIN_DIR)"/llvm-objdump -d $(TMPDIR)/rsmain | $(CGREP) -v -e "call.*c_always_inlined"
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ all:

# Check No LTO
$(RUSTC) -C linker-plugin-lto -Ccodegen-units=1 -L. -o $(TMPDIR)/staticlib.a
(cd $(TMPDIR); $(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-ar x ./staticlib.a)
(cd $(TMPDIR); "$(LLVM_BIN_DIR)"/llvm-ar x ./staticlib.a)
# Make sure the upstream object file was included
ls $(TMPDIR)/upstream.*.rcgu.o

@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ all:
# Check ThinLTO
$(RUSTC) -C linker-plugin-lto -Ccodegen-units=1 -Clto=thin
$(RUSTC) -C linker-plugin-lto -Ccodegen-units=1 -Clto=thin -L. -o $(TMPDIR)/staticlib.a
(cd $(TMPDIR); $(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-ar x ./staticlib.a)
(cd $(TMPDIR); "$(LLVM_BIN_DIR)"/llvm-ar x ./staticlib.a)
ls $(TMPDIR)/upstream.*.rcgu.o

@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ ifndef IS_WINDOWS
# -Clinker-plugin-lto.

# this only succeeds for bitcode files
EXTRACT_OBJS=(cd $(TMPDIR); rm -f ./*.o; $(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-ar x $(1))
ASSERT_IS_BITCODE_OBJ=("$(LLVM_BIN_DIR)"/llvm-bcanalyzer $(1))
EXTRACT_OBJS=(cd $(TMPDIR); rm -f ./*.o; "$(LLVM_BIN_DIR)"/llvm-ar x $(1))

BUILD_LIB=$(RUSTC) -Copt-level=2 -Clinker-plugin-lto -Ccodegen-units=1
BUILD_EXE=$(RUSTC) -Copt-level=2 -Clinker-plugin-lto -Ccodegen-units=1 --emit=obj
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ all:
# Run it in order to generate some profiling data
$(call RUN,main some-argument) || exit 1
# Postprocess the profiling data so it can be used by the compiler
$(LD_LIB_PATH_ENVVAR)=$(REAL_LD_LIBRARY_PATH) llvm-profdata merge \
"$(LLVM_BIN_DIR)"/llvm-profdata merge \
-o "$(TMPDIR)"/merged.profdata \
# Compile the test program again, making use of the profiling data

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