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estebank committed Jun 1, 2019
1 parent ad0d3b5 commit e275f2caf62b452913b301a31a2877d3f2f0711b
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@@ -1234,6 +1234,13 @@ impl<'a> Parser<'a> {

/// Replace duplicated recovered arguments with `_` pattern to avoid unecessary errors.
/// This is necessary because at this point we don't know whether we parsed a function with
/// anonymous arguments or a function with names but no types. In order to minimize
/// unecessary errors, we assume the arguments are in the shape of `fn foo(a, b, c)` where
/// the arguments are *names* (so we don't emit errors about not being able to find `b` in
/// the local scope), but if we find the same name multiple times, like in `fn foo(i8, i8)`,
/// we deduplicate them to not complain about duplicated argument names.
crate fn deduplicate_recovered_arg_names(&self, fn_inputs: &mut Vec<Arg>) {
let mut seen_inputs = FxHashSet::default();
for input in fn_inputs.iter_mut() {

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