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Commits on Aug 3, 2011
  1. @catamorphism

    Revert "Revert "Handle conditionals on _|_ - typed values correctly""

    catamorphism authored
    This reverts commit ea81c03.
    Changed the case in trans_if where the conditional is _|_ - typed
    but the block is terminated to return the result of the cond,
    instead of nil.
    This passes "make check" with optimization disabled as well as
  2. @paulstansifer
  3. @msullivan
  4. @msullivan
  5. @msullivan
  6. @brson
  7. @brson

    Remove all xfail-stage0 directives

    brson authored
    While it is still technically possible to test stage 0, it is not part of any
    of the main testing rules and maintaining xfail-stage0 is a chore. Nobody
    should worry about how tests fare in stage0.
  8. @brson
  9. @brson
  10. @brson
  11. @brson

    Revert "Handle conditionals on _|_ - typed values correctly"

    brson authored
    This reverts commit 13f8b3f.
    run-pass/ does not translate correctly when unoptimized. Issue #797
  12. @catamorphism

    Handle _|_ - typed discriminants in alts correctly

    catamorphism authored
    Stop me, won't you, if you've heard this one before?
    Closes #794
  13. @catamorphism
  14. @catamorphism

    Make _|_ type binopable

    catamorphism authored
    But don't actually generate code that does the operation. That means
    hoisting the check I added in my last commit from trans_compare
    up into trans_eager_binop (don't generate any code if one operand
    has type _|_ ).
    Closes #777
  15. @brson

    Remove task-comm-chan-chan test

    brson authored
    This issue has a smaller test case in
  16. @brson
  17. @brson
  18. @brson

    Un-xfail run-pass/claim-nonterm

    brson authored
    Seems to work
  19. @brson

    Un-xfail run-fail/fn-constraint-claim

    brson authored
    Seems to work
  20. @brson
  21. @catamorphism

    In trans, don't assume both sides of a binop have the same type

    catamorphism authored
        This was at least partially responsible for Issue 777.
        The only solution I can think of is for trans to just not generate
        code for a comparison if one or both sides has type _|_. Since
        that means evaluating that subexpression diverges, it should be ok
        to never do the comparison. Actually generating code for the
        comparison would trip an LLVM assertion failure.
Commits on Aug 2, 2011
  1. @paulstansifer
  2. @brson
  3. @brson
  4. @brson

    Typecheck pretty-printing test results as libraries. Issue #789

    brson authored
    After running source files through the pretty printer, we sanity check them by
    running the results through the compiler with the --no-trans flag. Now also
    use the --lib flag so that pretty-printer tests don't have to include a main
  5. @brson

    Add dedicated pretty-printer tests with new pp-exact directive

    brson authored
    Add a new src/test/pretty directory to hold just source files for testing the
    Add a new pp-exact directive. When this directive is followed by a file name
    it specifies a file containing the output that the pretty-printer should
    generate. When pp-exact is not followed by a filename it says that the file
    should pretty-print as written.
  6. @brson
  7. @brson
  8. @brson

    Remove test/run-pass/simple-qsort

    brson authored
    This is part of stdtest now
  9. @brson

    Add xfail-pretty test directive. Issue #789

    brson authored
    Indicates that this test should not be used to test the pretty-printer
  10. @brson

    Run pretty-printed sources through the compiler again for sanity

    brson authored
    Just go as far as typechecking for speed sake.
    Issue #789
  11. @brson
  12. @brson
  13. @brson

    Fix comment typo in compiletest

    brson authored
  14. @brson

    Pretty-print tests only run on .rs files. Issue #789

    brson authored
    The pretty-printer can't handle .rc files currently
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