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jesse99 commented Jul 1, 2012

rust --ls is now ICEing on every rust library I have tried it on. This is with rust from June 30 on Mac. For example doing an --ls on the library from results in:

gnos: rustc --ls bin/libsocket-9e5595de7eda745e-0.1.dylib 
=Crate Attributes (9e5595de7eda745e)=
#[link(name = "socket",
       vers = "0.1",
       uuid = "AF82CEF5-A320-49C0-AE56-43129C5229D5",
       url = "")]
#[comment = "Rust socket library"]
#[license = "MIT"]
#[crate_type = "lib"]

=External Dependencies=
1 core-d27e4777a53c3e50-0.2
2 std-d399da1ab6f5bec0-0.2

htons (fn)
SO_SNDBUF (const)
htonl (fn)
sendto (fn)
socket_handle::sockfd (public field)
sockaddr_basic (type)
sockaddr4_in (type)
setsockopt (fn)
enablesockopt (fn)
ipv6 (enum)
SO_ERROR (const)
ipv4 (enum)
ntohs (fn)
ntohl (fn)
sockaddr (type)
sockaddr6_in (type)
getaddrinfo (fn)
socket_handle (class)
socket_handle (fn)
rust: task failed at 'describe_def: item not found (0, 3571)', /Users/jessejones/Source/Third_Party/rust/src/rustc/metadata/
error: internal compiler error: unexpected failure
note: the compiler hit an unexpected failure path. this is a bug
note: try running with RUST_LOG=rustc=0,::rt::backtrace to get further details and report the results to
rust: task failed at 'explicit failure', /Users/jessejones/Source/Third_Party/rust/src/rustc/driver/
rust: domain main @0x7f934a800010 root task failed
rust: task failed at 'killed', /Users/jessejones/Source/Third_Party/rust/src/libcore/

Setting RUST_LOG didn't produce any additional output.


Just to be clear, your installed rustc was built from git HEAD as of June 30? That surprises me, because this looks like #2192 , which I fixed six days ago.

jesse99 commented Jul 1, 2012


@catamorphism catamorphism was assigned Jul 1, 2012

Ok, I'll try to reproduce.


Reproduced with 328fd30 -- I'll look into it.


This appears to be because the list-metadata code is trying to print out info about intrinsic::visit_ty, but the right information about it doesn't get serialized. Further research tomorrow.

@catamorphism catamorphism added a commit that closed this issue Jul 9, 2012
@catamorphism catamorphism Tag re-exports differently in metadata
so that the "list metadata" command doesn't print out anything
about intrinsics, but other code can see them.

Closes #2771
@catamorphism catamorphism was unassigned by jesse99 Jun 16, 2014
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