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Build fails on linux if libunwind is installed #5641

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I have libunwind installed as a pre-req for another package, this causes rust_unwind.h to fail the build because of the re-typedefing of _Unwind_Exception.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a decent way of detecting that unwind.h has been included, other than using it's header guard macro.

This is building with --enable-clang on. Also, I am using the latest trunk.


Do you know where it gets included from? I have libunwind installed as a dependency of perf, but I haven't run into this.


The header being included is /usr/include/unwind.h. The line that is throwing the warning is inside an #ifndef __FreeBSD__ directive.

I'm running archlinux, which installs the headers for everything, I know that other distros often have a separate -dev or -devel package that has the headers.


I'm also on Arch by the way (x86_64) and testing against the latest incoming/master doesn't hit this.


I'm running clang 3.3 if that helps.

I also seem to be running an SVN build from AUR, I'm updating to the latest build, then I'll switch to the official package and see if that works.


Tried it with the clang from the official repo, still happens...


Ah, I'm silly and missed that you were compiling with clang, I interpreted it as you building clang along with Rust's LLVM. Same issue comes up here.

@bors bors added a commit that referenced this issue
@bors bors auto merge of #5646 : Aatch/rust/unwind-fix, r=brson
This fixes issue #5641

Fixed by #5646

@Aatch Aatch closed this
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