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Compiler fails to identify type mismatch on function that returns impl Trait #60249

jxs opened this issue Apr 25, 2019 · 0 comments

Compiler fails to identify type mismatch on function that returns impl Trait #60249

jxs opened this issue Apr 25, 2019 · 0 comments


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@jxs jxs commented Apr 25, 2019

the following function, added to tower-grpc hello world client example, to wrap the service connection setup, when used, the compiler fails to identify the type mismatch, () in the return type should be BoxBody

pub fn get_service() -> impl Future<
    Item = hello_world::client::Greeter<
        RequestModifier<Connection<TcpStream, DefaultExecutor, BoxBody>, ()>,
    Error = ConnectError<std::io::Error>,
> {
    let uri: http::Uri = format!("http://localhost:50051")
        .expect("could not parse grpc address as uri");
    let h2_settings = Default::default();
    let mut make_client = Connect::new(Dst, h2_settings, DefaultExecutor::current());

    make_client.make_service(()).map(|conn| {
        let conn = tower_request_modifier::Builder::new()


and gives the following error:

error[E0599]: no method named `say_hello` found for type `hello_world::client::Greeter<tower_request_modifier::RequestModifier<tower_h2::client::connection::Connection<tokio_tcp::stream::TcpStream, tokio_executor::global::DefaultExecutor, tower_grpc::body::BoxBody>, ()>>` in the current scope
  --> src/
22 |                 .say_hello(Request::new(HelloRequest {
   |                  ^^^^^^^^^
  ::: /Volumes/data/dev/jxs/tower-error-example/target/debug/build/tower-error-example-5d3017ffe78d8a92/out/
19 |     pub struct Greeter<T> {
   |     --------------------- method `say_hello` not found for this
   = help: items from traits can only be used if the trait is implemented and in scope
   = note: the following trait defines an item `say_hello`, perhaps you need to implement it:
           candidate #1: `hello_world::server::Greeter`

but if the following code is added just before the function return:

        let hello = hello_world::client::Greeter::new(conn).say_hello(Request::new(HelloRequest {
            name: "What is in a name?".to_string(),

the error given by the compiler becomes a lot more useful:

error[E0271]: type mismatch resolving `<[closure@src/ 78:6 uri:_] as std::ops::FnOnce<(tower_h2::client::connection::Connection<tokio_tcp::stream::TcpStream, tokio_executor::global::DefaultExecutor, tower_grpc::body::BoxBody>,)>>::Output == hello_world::client::Greeter<tower_request_modifier::RequestModifier<tower_h2::client::connection::Connection<tokio_tcp::stream::TcpStream, tokio_executor::global::DefaultExecutor, tower_grpc::body::BoxBody>, ()>>`
  --> src/
55 |   pub fn get_service() -> impl Future<
   |  _________________________^
56 | |     Item = hello_world::client::Greeter<
57 | |         RequestModifier<Connection<TcpStream, DefaultExecutor, BoxBody>, ()>,
58 | |     >,
59 | |     Error = ConnectError<std::io::Error>,
60 | | > {
   | |_^ expected struct `tower_grpc::body::BoxBody`, found ()

pushed the whole example here


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