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Change camel case warning to upper camel case #57346

wants to merge 28 commits into
base: master


None yet
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tcullum-gpsw commented Jan 4, 2019

Changed 5 files to update from structs having camel case to structs having "upper camel case" as discussed #57319 and rust-lang/rfcs#2389


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rust-highfive commented Jan 4, 2019

Thanks for the pull request, and welcome! The Rust team is excited to review your changes, and you should hear from @eddyb (or someone else) soon.

If any changes to this PR are deemed necessary, please add them as extra commits. This ensures that the reviewer can see what has changed since they last reviewed the code. Due to the way GitHub handles out-of-date commits, this should also make it reasonably obvious what issues have or haven't been addressed. Large or tricky changes may require several passes of review and changes.

Please see the contribution instructions for more information.


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rust-highfive commented Jan 4, 2019

The job x86_64-gnu-llvm-6.0 of your PR failed on Travis (raw log). Through arcane magic we have determined that the following fragments from the build log may contain information about the problem.

Click to expand the log.
$ git checkout -qf FETCH_HEAD

Encrypted environment variables have been removed for security reasons.
$ export SCCACHE_BUCKET=rust-lang-ci-sccache2
$ export SCCACHE_REGION=us-west-1
Setting environment variables from .travis.yml
$ export IMAGE=x86_64-gnu-llvm-6.0

[00:03:47] travis_fold:start:tidy
tidy check
[00:03:47] tidy error: /checkout/src/librustc_lint/ line longer than 100 chars
[00:03:48] some tidy checks failed
[00:03:48] command did not execute successfully: "/checkout/obj/build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/stage0-tools-bin/tidy" "/checkout/src" "/checkout/obj/build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/stage0/bin/cargo" "--no-vendor" "--quiet"
[00:03:48] failed to run: /checkout/obj/build/bootstrap/debug/bootstrap test src/tools/tidy
[00:03:48] Build completed unsuccessfully in 0:00:45
[00:03:48] Build completed unsuccessfully in 0:00:45
[00:03:49] make: *** [tidy] Error 1
[00:03:49] Makefile:69: recipe for target 'tidy' failed
The command "stamp sh -x -c "$RUN_SCRIPT"" exited with 2.
$ date && (curl -fs --head | grep ^Date: | sed 's/Date: //g' || true)
Fri Jan  4 22:05:31 UTC 2019
$ ln -s . checkout && for CORE in obj/cores/core.*; do EXE=$(echo $CORE | sed 's|obj/cores/core\.[0-9]*\.!checkout!\(.*\)|\1|;y|!|/|'); if [ -f "$EXE" ]; then printf travis_fold":start:crashlog\n\033[31;1m%s\033[0m\n" "$CORE"; gdb --batch -q -c "$CORE" "$EXE" -iex 'set auto-load off' -iex 'dir src/' -iex 'set sysroot .' -ex bt -ex q; echo travis_fold":"end:crashlog; fi; done || true
$ cat ./obj/build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/native/asan/build/lib/asan/clang_rt.asan-dynamic-i386.vers || true
cat: ./obj/build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/native/asan/build/lib/asan/clang_rt.asan-dynamic-i386.vers: No such file or directory
$ dmesg | grep -i kill

I'm a bot! I can only do what humans tell me to, so if this was not helpful or you have suggestions for improvements, please ping or otherwise contact @TimNN. (Feature Requests)


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varkor commented Jan 4, 2019

This looks good so far, but you'll need to make sure the lines aren't longer than 100 characters (e.g. You can run ./ tidy to check that the line lengths are okay.

Also, could you squash all the changes into a single commit?

r? @varkor

@rust-highfive rust-highfive assigned varkor and unassigned eddyb Jan 4, 2019


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estebank commented Jan 5, 2019

It would also be convenient for you to squash your commits down to one, given that this is a single conceptual change. Also, avoid merging from master into your branch, use rebase.

The line you need to get below 100 chars is src/librustc_lint/


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tcullum-gpsw commented Jan 12, 2019

Ok working on this now, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the delay, VERY VERY busy at work this last week.

cjgillot and others added some commits Nov 4, 2018

oli-obk and others added some commits Dec 15, 2018

ci: Upgrade Travis to Xenial
In theory we shouldn't require trusty so long as docker continues to
Change camel case warning to upper camel case
Rust structs should be named in upper camel case aka PascalCase. "Upper camel case" was decided upon as the preferred phrase over PascalCase per: rust-lang/rfcs#2389

@tcullum-gpsw tcullum-gpsw force-pushed the tcullum-gpsw:master branch from 516e8cd to 0235971 Jan 12, 2019


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TimNN commented Jan 22, 2019

Ping from triage @tcullum-gpsw: Thanks for your contributions! Do you think you'll be able to get back to this PR?

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