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Add support for PowerPC64 on FreeBSD #57615

merged 36 commits into from Jan 15, 2019


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lenoil98 commented Jan 15, 2019

These are changes to add support for powerpc64 on FreeBSD.


ssomers and others added some commits Dec 21, 2018

Fix poor worst case performance of set intersection (and union, somew…
…hat) on asymmetrically sized sets and extend unit tests slightly beyond that
provide suggestion for invalid boolean cast
Also, don't suggest comparing to zero for non-numeric expressions.
Retain original pass order
It shouldn't matter, but hey - better safe than sorry!
Rollup merge of #57043 - ssomers:master, r=alexcrichton
Fix poor worst case performance of set intersection

Specifically, intersection of asymmetrically sized sets when the large set is on the left. See also the [latest answer on stackoverflow](

Also applied to the union member, where the effect is much less but still measurable.

Formatted the changed code only, does not increase the error count reported by tidy check, and tried to adhere to the spirit of the unit tests.
Rollup merge of #57480 - Zoxc:query-fix, r=michaelwoerister
Clean up and fix a bug in query plumbing

r? @michaelwoerister
Rollup merge of #57481 - euclio:bool-cast-suggestion, r=estebank
provide suggestion for invalid boolean cast

Also, don't suggest comparing to zero for non-numeric expressions.

Centril and others added some commits Jan 14, 2019

Rollup merge of #57540 - estebank:eval-more, r=petrochenkov
Modify some parser diagnostics to continue evaluating beyond the parser

Continue evaluating further errors after parser errors on:
 - trailing type argument attribute
 - lifetime in incorrect location
 - incorrect binary literal
 - missing `for` in `impl Trait for Foo`
 - type argument in `where` clause
 - incorrect float literal
 - incorrect `..` in pattern
 - associated types
 - incorrect discriminator value variant error

and others. All of these were found by making `continue-parse-after-error` `true` by default to identify errors that would need few changes. There are now only a handful of errors that have any change with `continue-parse-after-error` enabled.

These changes make it so `rust` _won't_ stop evaluation after finishing parsing, enabling type checking errors to be displayed on the existing code without having to fix the parse errors.

Each commit has an individual diagnostic change with their corresponding tests.

CC #48724.
Rollup merge of #57570 - Xanewok:querify-some, r=Zoxc
Querify local `plugin_registrar_fn` and `proc_macro_decls_static`

Instead of calculating them as part of the `Session`, we do that in the query system.
It's also nice that these queries are already defined for external crates - here, we provide the queries for the local crate.

r? @nikomatsakis
Rollup merge of #57572 - Centril:unaccept-extern-in-path, r=petrochenkov
Unaccept `extern_in_paths`

Based on completed fcp-close in #55600, this removes `extern_in_path` (e.g. `extern::foo::bar`) from the language. The changes are primarily reversing 32db83b.

Closes #55600

r? @petrochenkov
Rollup merge of #57589 - scottmcm:vec-set_len-debug_assert, r=alexcri…

Add a debug_assert to Vec::set_len

Following the precedent of #52972, which found llogiq/bytecount#42.

(This may well make a test fail; let's see what Travis says.)
Auto merge of #57607 - Centril:rollup, r=Centril
Rollup of 8 pull requests

Successful merges:

 - #57043 (Fix poor worst case performance of set intersection)
 - #57480 (Clean up and fix a bug in query plumbing)
 - #57481 (provide suggestion for invalid boolean cast)
 - #57540 (Modify some parser diagnostics to continue evaluating beyond the parser)
 - #57570 (Querify local `plugin_registrar_fn` and `proc_macro_decls_static`)
 - #57572 (Unaccept `extern_in_paths`)
 - #57585 (Recover from item trailing semicolon)
 - #57589 (Add a debug_assert to Vec::set_len)

Failed merges:

r? @ghost

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rust-highfive commented Jan 15, 2019

Thanks for the pull request, and welcome! The Rust team is excited to review your changes, and you should hear from @petrochenkov (or someone else) soon.

If any changes to this PR are deemed necessary, please add them as extra commits. This ensures that the reviewer can see what has changed since they last reviewed the code. Due to the way GitHub handles out-of-date commits, this should also make it reasonably obvious what issues have or haven't been addressed. Large or tricky changes may require several passes of review and changes.

Please see the contribution instructions for more information.


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lzutao commented Jan 15, 2019

Hmm, it is weird! In the Files Change tab I don't see anything related to FreeBSD or PPC64.
Am I wrong?
Edit: Does patch-ppc64.txt contain your changes?


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lenoil98 commented Jan 15, 2019

The changes are in the file. For some reason my browser keeps reformatting the code. So I included the code in a file.


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lzutao commented Jan 15, 2019

Seems like you are not familiar with git? Maybe someone in the team could
help you create a commit and a PR based on patch-ppc64.txt.


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lzutao commented Jan 15, 2019

Because you give a comment on the the same but closed PR
r? @estebank

@bors bors merged commit aea9f0a into master Jan 15, 2019

1 check passed

continuous-integration/appveyor/branch AppVeyor build succeeded

netbsd-srcmastr pushed a commit to NetBSD/pkgsrc that referenced this pull request Mar 3, 2019

Update rust to version 1.33.0.
Pkgsrc changes:
 * Bump required rust version to build to 1.32.0.
 * Adapt patches to changed file locations.
 * Since we now patch some more vendor/ modules, doctor the corresponding
   .cargo-checksum.json files accordingly

Upstream changes:

Version 1.33.0 (2019-02-28)

- [You can now use the `cfg(target_vendor)` attribute.][57465] E.g.
  `#[cfg(target_vendor="apple")] fn main() { println!("Hello Apple!"); }`
- [Integer patterns such as in a match expression can now be exhaustive.][56362]
  E.g. You can have match statement on a `u8` that covers `0..=255` and
  you would no longer be required to have a `_ => unreachable!()` case.
- [You can now have multiple patterns in `if let` and `while let`
  expressions.][57532] You can do this with the same syntax as a `match`
  expression. E.g.
  enum Creature {

  fn main() {
      let state = Creature::Crab("Ferris");

      if let Creature::Crab(name) | Creature::Person(name) = state {
          println!("This creature's name is: {}", name);
- [You can now have irrefutable `if let` and `while let` patterns.][57535]
  Using this feature will by default produce a warning as this behaviour
  can be unintuitive. E.g. `if let _ = 5 {}`
- [You can now use `let` bindings, assignments, expression statements,
  and irrefutable pattern destructuring in const functions.][57175]
- [You can now call unsafe const functions.][57067] E.g.
  const unsafe fn foo() -> i32 { 5 }
  const fn bar() -> i32 {
      unsafe { foo() }
- [You can now specify multiple attributes in a `cfg_attr` attribute.][57332]
  E.g. `#[cfg_attr(all(), must_use, optimize)]`
- [You can now specify a specific alignment with the `#[repr(packed)]`
  attribute.][57049] E.g. `#[repr(packed(2))] struct Foo(i16, i32);` is a
  struct with an alignment of 2 bytes and a size of 6 bytes.
- [You can now import an item from a module as an `_`.][56303] This allows you
  to import a trait's impls, and not have the name in the namespace. E.g.
  use std::io::Read as _;

  // Allowed as there is only one `Read` in the module.
  pub trait Read {}
- [You may now use `Rc`, `Arc`, and `Pin` as method receivers][56805].

- [You can now set a linker flavor for `rustc` with the `-Clinker-flavor`
  command line argument.][56351]
- [The mininum required LLVM version has been bumped to 6.0.][56642]
- [Added support for the PowerPC64 architecture on FreeBSD.][57615]
- [The `x86_64-fortanix-unknown-sgx` target support has been upgraded to
  tier 2 support.][57130] Visit the [platform support][platform-support]
  page for information on Rust's platform support.
- [Added support for the `thumbv7neon-linux-androideabi` and
  `thumbv7neon-unknown-linux-gnueabihf` targets.][56947]
- [Added support for the `x86_64-unknown-uefi` target.][56769]

- [The methods `overflowing_{add, sub, mul, shl, shr}` are now `const`
  functions for all numeric types.][57566]
- [The methods `rotate_left`, `rotate_right`, and `wrapping_{add, sub, mul,
  shl, shr}`
  are now `const` functions for all numeric types.][57105]
- [The methods `is_positive` and `is_negative` are now `const` functions for
  all signed numeric types.][57105]
- [The `get` method for all `NonZero` types is now `const`.][57167]
- [The methods `count_ones`, `count_zeros`, `leading_zeros`, `trailing_zeros`,
  `swap_bytes`, `from_be`, `from_le`, `to_be`, `to_le` are now `const` for all
  numeric types.][57234]
- [`Ipv4Addr::new` is now a `const` function][57234]

Stabilized APIs
- [`unix::FileExt::read_exact_at`]
- [`unix::FileExt::write_all_at`]
- [`Option::transpose`]
- [`Result::transpose`]
- [`convert::identity`]
- [`pin::Pin`]
- [`marker::Unpin`]
- [`marker::PhantomPinned`]
- [`Vec::resize_with`]
- [`VecDeque::resize_with`]
- [`Duration::as_millis`]
- [`Duration::as_micros`]
- [`Duration::as_nanos`]

- [Cargo should now rebuild a crate if a file was modified during the initial

Compatibility Notes
- The methods `str::{trim_left, trim_right, trim_left_matches,
  trim_right_matches}` are now deprecated in the standard library, and their
  usage will now produce a warning.  Please use the `str::{trim_start,
  trim_end, trim_start_matches, trim_end_matches}` methods instead.
- The `Error::cause` method has been deprecated in favor of `Error::source`
  which supports downcasting.

[55982]: rust-lang/rust#55982
[56303]: rust-lang/rust#56303
[56351]: rust-lang/rust#56351
[56362]: rust-lang/rust#56362
[56642]: rust-lang/rust#56642
[56769]: rust-lang/rust#56769
[56805]: rust-lang/rust#56805
[56947]: rust-lang/rust#56947
[57049]: rust-lang/rust#57049
[57067]: rust-lang/rust#57067
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[57167]: rust-lang/rust#57167
[57175]: rust-lang/rust#57175
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[57465]: rust-lang/rust#57465
[57532]: rust-lang/rust#57532
[57535]: rust-lang/rust#57535
[57566]: rust-lang/rust#57566
[57615]: rust-lang/rust#57615
[cargo/6484]: rust-lang/cargo#6484
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