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ci: ensure all tool maintainers are assignable on issues #64119

merged 5 commits into from Sep 16, 2019

ci: convert maintainer list in publish_toolstate to a set

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pietroalbini committed Sep 4, 2019
commit f2576c821d2e15b23dcea8af9b3ed08cf4a5795f
@@ -25,20 +25,23 @@
# These should be collaborators of the rust-lang/rust repository (with at least
# read privileges on it). CI will fail otherwise.
'miri': '@oli-obk @RalfJung @eddyb',
'clippy-driver': '@Manishearth @llogiq @mcarton @oli-obk @phansch @flip1995 @yaahc',
'rls': '@Xanewok',
'rustfmt': '@topecongiro',
'book': '@carols10cents @steveklabnik',
'nomicon': '@frewsxcv @Gankra',
'reference': '@steveklabnik @Havvy @matthewjasper @ehuss',
'rust-by-example': '@steveklabnik @marioidival @projektir',
'embedded-book': (
'@adamgreig @andre-richter @jamesmunns @korken89 '
'@ryankurte @thejpster @therealprof'
'edition-guide': '@ehuss @Centril @steveklabnik',
'rustc-guide': '@mark-i-m @spastorino @amanjeev'
'miri': {'oli-obk', 'RalfJung', 'eddyb'},
'clippy-driver': {
'Manishearth', 'llogiq', 'mcarton', 'oli-obk', 'phansch', 'flip1995',
'rls': {'Xanewok'},
'rustfmt': {'topecongiro'},
'book': {'carols10cents', 'steveklabnik'},
'nomicon': {'frewsxcv', 'Gankra'},
'reference': {'steveklabnik', 'Havvy', 'matthewjasper', 'ehuss'},
'rust-by-example': {'steveklabnik', 'marioidival', 'projektir'},
'embedded-book': {
'adamgreig', 'andre-richter', 'jamesmunns', 'korken89',
'ryankurte', 'thejpster', 'therealprof',
'edition-guide': {'ehuss', 'Centril', 'steveklabnik'},
'rustc-guide': {'mark-i-m', 'spastorino', 'amanjeev'},

@@ -80,9 +83,7 @@ def validate_maintainers(repo, github_token):

errors = False
for tool, maintainers in MAINTAINERS.items():
for maintainer in maintainers.split(' '):
if maintainer.startswith('@'):
maintainer = maintainer[1:]
for maintainer in maintainers:
if maintainer not in assignable:
errors = True
@@ -123,13 +124,12 @@ def maybe_delink(message):
def issue(
# Open an issue about the toolstate failure.
assignees = [x.strip() for x in maintainers.split('@') if x != '']
if status == 'test-fail':
status_description = 'has failing tests'
@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ def issue(
REPOS.get(tool), relevant_pr_user, pr_reviewer
'title': '`{}` no longer builds after {}'.format(tool, relevant_pr_number),
'assignees': assignees,
'assignees': list(assignees),
'labels': ['T-compiler', 'I-nominated'],
print("Creating issue:\n{}".format(request))
@@ -200,18 +200,19 @@ def update_latest(
old = status[os]
new = s.get(tool, old)
status[os] = new
maintainers = ' '.join('@'+name for name in MAINTAINERS[tool])
if new > old: # comparing the strings, but they are ordered appropriately!
# things got fixed or at least the status quo improved
changed = True
message += '🎉 {} on {}: {}{} (cc {}, @rust-lang/infra).\n' \
.format(tool, os, old, new, MAINTAINERS.get(tool))
.format(tool, os, old, new, maintainers)
elif new < old:
# tests or builds are failing and were not failing before
changed = True
title = '💔 {} on {}: {}{}' \
.format(tool, os, old, new)
message += '{} (cc {}, @rust-lang/infra).\n' \
.format(title, MAINTAINERS.get(tool))
.format(title, maintainers)
# Most tools only create issues for build failures.
# Other failures can be spurious.
if new == 'build-fail' or (tool == 'miri' and new == 'test-fail'):
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