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Rename libcore to libstd and libstd to libextra #6668

merged 20 commits into from May 23, 2013


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4 participants

pcwalton commented May 22, 2013

r? @brson


cmr commented May 22, 2013

fwiw, I really like the name libcore, but agree that libstd should be something else.


brson commented May 22, 2013

Heroic effort 😍

pcwalton added some commits May 13, 2013

@pcwalton pcwalton librustc: Disallow `use` from reaching into impls or traits.
This can perhaps be restored in the future. For now this is a precursor to
making typedefs work as expected.
@pcwalton pcwalton librustc: Disable borrow check debugging even when rustc is compiled …
…with -O0.

This improves -O0 compile times dramatically.
@pcwalton pcwalton test: Fix tests. db518ef
@pcwalton pcwalton librustc: Make `~Trait` two words by storing the type descriptor in t…
…he vtable.
@pcwalton pcwalton librustc: Fix privacy checking for cross-crate variants 565942b
@pcwalton pcwalton libstd: Rename libcore to libstd and libstd to libextra; update makef…

This only changes the directory names; it does not change the "real"
metadata names.
@pcwalton pcwalton librustc: Rename core injection to std injection ebfc2b8
@pcwalton pcwalton libextra: Rename the actual metadata names of libcore to libstd and l…
…ibstd to libextra
@pcwalton pcwalton librustc: Change `std` to `extra` throughout libsyntax and librustc c532e03
@pcwalton pcwalton librustc: Make `std_inject` inject the name `std`, not `core` d5055f4
@pcwalton pcwalton libfuzzer: Rename `std` to `extra`. b8be7e8
@pcwalton pcwalton librustdoc: Rename `std` to `extra`. 14be4c2
@pcwalton pcwalton fuzzer: Change `core` to `std` in the fuzzer 9200237
@pcwalton pcwalton syntax: Change syntax extensions to expand to `std::foo` instead of `…
@pcwalton pcwalton test: Update tests to use the new syntax. 1be40be
@pcwalton pcwalton test: Update tests and import the prelude in some more places. ee52865
@pcwalton pcwalton libstd: Fix merge fallout. 18df18c
@pcwalton pcwalton libsyntax: Fix more merge fallout. 3a66d73
@pcwalton pcwalton libextra: Allow unnecessary allocations a5ca58a
@pcwalton pcwalton librustc: Add some missing `use core::prelude::*;` in the test cases 18fca3e

pcwalton commented on 18fca3e May 23, 2013

r+ p=100

@pcwalton pcwalton merged commit 18fca3e into rust-lang:incoming May 23, 2013

@pcwalton pcwalton deleted the pcwalton:great-renaming branch May 23, 2013


steveklabnik commented May 25, 2013

So did this end up not actually getting merged in?


cmr commented May 25, 2013

It was manually merged in.

On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 5:11 PM, Steve Klabnik notifications@github.comwrote:

So did this end up not actually getting merged in?

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHubhttps://github.com/mozilla/rust/pull/6668#issuecomment-18453939


steveklabnik commented May 25, 2013

Ah, awesome. Thank you.

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