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Auto merge of #22797 - alexcrichton:io-stdio, r=aturon

This is an implementation of RFC 899 and adds stdio functionality to the new
`std::io` module. Details of the API can be found on the RFC, but from a high

* `io::{stdin, stdout, stderr}` constructors are now available. There are also
  `*_raw` variants for unbuffered and unlocked access.
* All handles are globally shared (excluding raw variants).
* The stderr handle is no longer buffered.
* All handles can be explicitly locked (excluding the raw variants).

The `print!` and `println!` machinery has not yet been hooked up to these
streams just yet. The `std::fmt::output` module has also not yet been
implemented as part of this commit.
latest commit c5142056f7
bors bors authored
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