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Terraform configuration

This directory contains the Terraform configuraton used to deploy and maintain the cloud resources managed by the Rust Infrastructure Team. Currently this only manages a subset of our AWS usage, but its coverage is expected to grow over time.

Applying the configuration

To apply the configuration you'll need to have Terraform 0.12 installed and AWS credentials configured on the local machine. The first time you apply the configuration (or every time you add a new module) you'll need to initialize Terraform locally:

terraform init

Then you can either do a dry run of the changes to see what would happen without actually changing anything...

terraform plan

...or apply the changes in production:

terraform apply

The apply subcommand will still show the planned changes before running and will prompt you for confirmation, to avoid unwanted actions being performed. Never run terraform destroy, as that will kill our production environment.

Terraform state

In order to work Terraform needs to keep some state stored, which contains (for example) the mapping between Terraform resources and the actual resources on our cloud providers. The state needs to be synchronized between all the people able to apply changes.

In our configuration, the state is stored in the rust-terraform S3 bucket (simpleinfra.tfstate file), and to prevent concurrent changes to that state the terraform-state-lock DynamoDB table (in the us-west-1 region) is used.


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