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I was the liaison when these groups got started, and participated early
on, but have not been an active member for a while.

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Rust teams structure

This repository contains the structure of the Rust teams. The repository is automatically synchronized with:

Service Synchronized every
@bors In real time Integration source
Crater and @craterbot In real time Integration source
Perf and @rust-timer In real time Integration source
@rfcbot 5 minutes Integration source
GitHub teams membership Shortly after merge Integration source
Mailing lists and aliases (, Shortly after merge Integration source
Zulip user group membership Shortly after merge Integration source
Governance section on the website 2 minutes Integration source

If you need to add or remove a person from a team, send a PR to this repository. After it's merged, their account will be added/removed from all the supported services.


Using the CLI tool

It's possible to interact with this repository through its CLI tool.

Verifying the integrity of the repository

This repository contains some sanity checks to avoid having stale or broken data. You can run the checks locally with the check command:

cargo run check

Note that some of these checks will be skipped due to missing API tokens.

Adding a person to the repository

It's possible to fetch the public information present in a GitHub profile and store it in a person's TOML file:

cargo run add-person <github-username>

You can also add additional information, such as someone's Discord or Zulip ID by adding additional fields to their .toml file.

To determine someone's Zulip ID, find them in the list of people on the right-hand side in Zulip, click the "three dots" menu, and copy the 'User ID' into the toml file:

zulip-id = <user id>

Querying information out of the repository

There are a few CLI commands that allow you to get some information generated from the data in the repository.

You can get a list of all the people in a team:

cargo run dump-team all

You can get a list of all the email addresses subscribed to a list:

cargo run dump-list

You can get a list of all the users with a permission:

cargo run dump-permission perf

You can generate's locales/en-US/tools.ftl file by running

cargo run dump-website

The website will automatically load new teams added here, however they cannot be translated unless tools.ftl is also updated.

Building the static API

You can build locally the content of by running the command:

cargo run static-api output-dir/

The content will be placed in output-dir/.

Encrypting email addresses

If an email address in a list needs to be confidential it's possible to encrypt it. Encrypted email addresses look like this:


The production key is accessible to select Infrastructure Team members, so if you need to add an encrypted email address you'll need to reach out to that team. The key is stored in the following parameter on AWS SSM Parameter Store:


The cargo run encrypt-email and cargo run decrypt-email interactive CLI commands are available for infra team members to interact with encrypted emails. The rust_team_data (with the email-encryption feature enabled) also provides a module to programmatically encrypt and decrypt.