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Rust Allocators Working Group

This WG aims to:

  • Define traits and other APIs for memory allocators, with the unstable std::alloc::Allocator trait as a starting point.

  • Make collections such as Vec<T> able to use any allocator, most likely through an additional type parameter.

Discussion has historically happened in (at least) RFC #1398, tracking issue #32838, and tracking issue #42774. However individual GitHub threads become hard to navigate as they get longer. This repository’s issue tracker allows discussing and resolving various topics separately.

Getting involved

To be notified of every issue and pull request in this repository, try GitHub’s Watch button.

For lower-latency discussion, we have the t-libs/wg-allocators stream on Zulip.

To try out different proposals, Tim has created a crate at TimDiekmann/alloc-wg. For more information on this consult the readme.


Home of the Allocators working group: Paving a path for a standard set of allocator traits to be used in collections!