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Running the app locally

  1. This is a Rocket app, which means we use the nightly channel of Rust. You can install it using rustup by running rustup default nightly. The Rust nightly that we deploy with is listed in the RustConfig file. If the latest nightly is not working for you, you should use the nightly version in that file.
  2. Install cargo watch by running cargo install cargo-watch in your terminal.
  3. To build the app and run the server, run cargo watch -x run in your terminal.
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:7878 in your browser. If you make any updates to the styles, or any other project files, cargo watch will automatically restart the server for you, all you have to do is refresh your browser to see your changes.

Where to edit

  • If you would like to edit styles, you should edit src/styles/app.scss.
  • If you would like to update group data, you should edit the yml files in src/data/.
  • If you would like to edit page content, you should edit the hbs files in templates.


Please read our before submitting a PR!