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Don't panic when working with invalid PkgLengths (round 2)
The fuzzer still manages to crash the parser with an invalid PkgLength. We
were already checking that it's valid when we construct it, so we're adding
another check when we try and use it. We should look at this more closely
in the future, as I don't think we should necessarily have to do both.
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IsaacWoods committed Nov 15, 2020
1 parent 034cecb commit 747bcfd
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Showing 3 changed files with 27 additions and 11 deletions.
1 change: 1 addition & 0 deletions aml/src/
Expand Up @@ -613,6 +613,7 @@ pub enum AmlError {
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9 changes: 8 additions & 1 deletion aml/src/
Expand Up @@ -178,7 +178,14 @@ where
'c: 'a,
move |input: &'a [u8], context| {
let bytes_to_take = (input.len() as u32) - length.end_offset;
* TODO: fuzzing manages to find PkgLengths that correctly parse during construction, but later crash here.
* I would've thought we would pick up all invalid lengths there, so have a look at why this is needed.
let bytes_to_take = match (input.len() as u32).checked_sub(length.end_offset) {
Some(bytes_to_take) => bytes_to_take,
None => return Err((input, context, AmlError::InvalidPkgLength)),
take_n(bytes_to_take).parse(input, context)
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28 changes: 18 additions & 10 deletions aml/src/
Expand Up @@ -8,17 +8,17 @@ use bit_field::BitField;
#[derive(Clone, Copy, PartialEq, Eq, Debug)]
pub struct PkgLength {
pub raw_length: u32,
/// The distance from the end of the structure this `PkgLength` refers to, and the end of the
/// stream.
/// The offset in the structure's stream to stop parsing at - the "end" of the PkgLength. We need to track this
/// instead of the actual length encoded in the PkgLength as we often need to parse some stuff between the
/// PkgLength and the explicit-length structure.
pub end_offset: u32,

impl PkgLength {
pub fn from_raw_length(stream: &[u8], raw_length: u32) -> Result<PkgLength, AmlError> {
// TODO: might want a more descriptive error
Ok(PkgLength {
end_offset: (stream.len() as u32).checked_sub(raw_length).ok_or(AmlError::UnexpectedEndOfStream)?,
end_offset: (stream.len() as u32).checked_sub(raw_length).ok_or(AmlError::InvalidPkgLength)?,

Expand All @@ -44,7 +44,6 @@ where
Ok(pkg_length) => Ok((new_input, context, pkg_length)),
Err(err) => Err((input, context, err)),
// Ok((new_input, context, try_with_context!(context, PkgLength::from_raw_length(input, raw_length))))

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -124,6 +123,19 @@ mod tests {
check_err!(pkg_length().parse(&[], &mut context), AmlError::UnexpectedEndOfStream, &[]);
test_correct_pkglength(&[0x00], 0, &[]);
test_correct_pkglength(&[0x05, 0xf5, 0x7f, 0x3e, 0x54, 0x03], 5, &[0xf5, 0x7f, 0x3e, 0x54, 0x03]);

.feed(|length| crate::parser::take_to_end_of_pkglength(length))
.parse(&[0x05, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff], &mut context),
&[0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04],
&[0xff, 0xff, 0xff]

fn not_enough_pkglength() {
let mut context = make_test_context();
pkg_length().parse(&[0b11000000, 0xff, 0x4f], &mut context),
Expand All @@ -134,10 +146,6 @@ mod tests {
fn not_enough_stream() {
let mut context = make_test_context();
pkg_length().parse(&[0x05, 0xf5], &mut context),
&[0x05, 0xf5]
check_err!(pkg_length().parse(&[0x05, 0xf5], &mut context), AmlError::InvalidPkgLength, &[0x05, 0xf5]);

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