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  • Add PortReadOnly and PortWriteOnly types in instructions::port module (#66).


  • Update documentation of MappedPageTable: Require that passed level_4_table is valid.


  • Add PageTable::{iter, iter_mut} functions to iterate over page table entries.



  • The random module is now a submodule of the instructions module.
  • The structures::paging module was split into several submodules:
    • The NotGiantPageSize, PageRange, and PageRangeInclusive types were moved to a new page submodule.
    • The PhysFrameRange and PhysFrameRangeInclusive types were moved to a new frame submodule.
    • The FrameError and PageTableEntry types were moved to a new page_table submodule.
    • The MapperFlush, MapToError, UnmapError, and FlagUpdateError types were moved to a new mapper submodule.
  • The structures::paging module received the following changes:
    • The Mapper::translate_page function now returns a Result with a new TranslateError error type.
    • The NotRecursivelyMapped error type was removed.
  • The instructions::int3 function was moved into the instructions::interrupts module.
  • Removed some old deprecated functions.
  • Made modifications of the interrupt stack frame unsafe by introducing a new wrapper type and an unsafe as_mut method.


  • Added a new structures::paging::MapperAllSizes trait with generic translation methods and implement it for MappedPageTable and RecursivePageTable.
  • Added a new structures::paging::MappedPageTable type that implements the Mapper and MapperAllSizes traits.
  • Added a software_interrupt macro to invoke arbitrary int x instructions.
  • Renamed the ExceptionStackFrame type to InterruptStackFrame.


  • Add RdRand::get_u{16, 32, 64} methods
  • Deprecate RdRand::get because it does not check for failure
  • Make RdRand Copy


  • Add support for the RdRand instruction (random number generation)



  • Make Mapper::map_to and Mapper::identity_map unsafe because it is possible to break memory safety by passing invalid arguments.
  • Rename FrameAllocator::alloc to allocate_frame and FrameDeallocator::dealloc to deallocate_frame.
  • Remove From<os_bootinfo::FrameRange> implementation for PhysFrameRange
    • The os_bootinfo crate is no longer used by the bootloader crate.
    • It is not possible to provide an implementation for all os_bootinfo versions.


  • Update to 2018 edition


  • Add a SIZE constant to the Page type
  • Add two interrupt tests to the testing sub-crate
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