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Continuous integration

A repository for completing this issue on rust-lang/rust. This repository contains minimal working code for many simple (and not so simple) tasks. New contributors and learners of the language are welcome. We will try to work with you to make the code more idiomatic if you'd like!

Development is done on the nightly channel of Rust. You can get this using rustup.

This is a project for learning. If you're working on a problem and need some help? Drop by #rust-rosetta on (Note: It's an asynchronous protocol, responses may be slow!)

Tasks Remaining

List of Tasks Remaining

Important: Not all rust-rosetta tasks exist in their current form on Rosetta Code. Please cross-check with this repository before you start. Alternatively, check out rust-rosetta coverage to see an automatically generated report of which tasks have been implemented where.


The main crate contains a coverage binary that is useful for discovering incomplete solutions, or finding solutions that are different from the version posted to the Rosetta Code wiki. To see what commands are available:

$ cargo run --release --bin coverage -- --help

Tasks Complete

All tasks that have been completed are listed (along with a link to the problem) in Cargo.toml


Looking to contribute? Great! Take a look at to get started.