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🦀 The modern alternative to LaTeX written in Rust
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As always in rust, it's super simple to install.

First, install rust

curl -sSf | sh

Then, install SpanDeX

cargo install spandex


For the moment, only two commands are available:

  • spandex init <name>: creates a directory for a SpanDeX document with a spandex.toml and an initial files. If no name is specified, the name of the current directory will be used instead.

  • spandex build: triggers the build of SpanDeX, and generates an output.pdf file.

Build the examples

To build one of the examples, go to the example directory and run cargo run -- build.

Default fonts

  • CMU Serif BoldItalic
  • CMU Serif Extra BoldSlanted
  • CMU Bright Oblique
  • CMU Bright Roman
  • CMU Bright SemiBoldOblique
  • CMU Bright SemiBold
  • CMU Typewriter Text Light
  • CMU Typewriter Text LightOblique
  • CMU Serif Bold
  • CMU Classical Serif Italic
  • CMU Typewriter Text Italic
  • CMU Concrete BoldItalic
  • CMU Concrete Bold
  • CMU Concrete Roman
  • CMU Concrete Italic
  • CMU Serif Roman
  • CMU Sans Serif Oblique
  • CMU Serif Extra RomanSlanted
  • CMU Sans Serif BoldOblique
  • CMU Sans Serif Demi Condensed DemiCondensed
  • CMU Sans Serif Medium
  • CMU Sans Serif Bold
  • CMU Typewriter Text Bold
  • CMU Serif Italic
  • CMU Typewriter Text Regular
  • CMU Typewriter Text BoldItalic
  • CMU Serif Upright Italic UprightItalic
  • CMU Typewriter Text Variable Width Italic
  • CMU Typewriter Text Variable Width Medium
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