A catalogue of Rust design patterns
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Rust Design Patterns

An open source repository of design patterns and idioms in the Rust programming language.




Design patterns


  • TODO thread + catch_panic for exceptions
  • TODO Clone to satisfy the borrow checker
  • Deref polymorphism
  • TODO Matching all fields of a struct (back compat)
  • TODO wildcard matches
  • TODO taking an enum rather than having multiple functions
  • TODO unwrap()ing every Result instead of forwarding it
  • #[deny(warnings)]


Contributions are very welcome!

You should start with the template. Copy it into the appropriate directory, edit it, and submit a PR. You might not want every section, and you might want to add extra sections.

We suggest leaving a comment on the issue tracker so that other people don't start working on the same topic.

Correction and elaboration PRs are very welcome.