Rust library for Emscripten-compiled JS apps.
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A Rust library for use with emscripten to access the DOM.

NOTE: This project is no longer actively developed. See stdweb for an actively-developed project for using Rust in asmjs / wasm.

Read the documentation, read brson's post on how Rust works with emscripten, or see an example app with rust-todomvc.

extern crate webplatform;

fn main() {
    let document = webplatform::init();
    let body = document.element_query("body").unwrap();
    body.html_set("<h1>HELLO FROM RUST</h1> <button>CLICK ME</button>");
    let button = document.element_query("button").unwrap();
    button.on("click", |_| webplatform::alert("WITNESS ME"));

Used with cargo build --target=asmjs-unknown-emscripten.


MIT or Apache-2.0, at your option.