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C# console with command line prompt for Windows
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C# console with command line prompt for Windows console applications. It doesn't use any native code and provides simple replacement for standard Console class.

Can be useful for console applications which print logs into standart output stream and use standard input stream to send control command to an application.

Provide next features:

  • Separate console prompt line for command
  • Copy commands from clipboard
  • Commands history
  • Multilines output support
  • PageUp and PageDown scrolling
  • Proxy mode to use the same interface with native console


Main thread is responsible to initialize a console and start it. Once it runs the execution thread is blocked and waits till the console will be closed by external command handler.

var console = ConsoleFactory.Get (ConsoleFactory.Type.Command)
console.Init (80, 40, ConsoleColor.Yellow);
console.Run ();

Run function by default blocks thread execution, however it is possible to run it with false argument to release call immediatly.

Command handler

Application code can subscribe to OnCommand event to handle commands from input prompt.

m_console.OnCommand += OnCommand;

For example we can close the console in the handler:

private void OnCommand(string cmd)
    if (cmd == "quit") {
        m_console.Stop ();
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