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RustBridge's intro course
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This is content that has been used at various RustBridge workshops to introduce Rust.

Please see for the rendered content.

Remark tips:

  • p switches to presenter view
  • c for cloned view

Workshop leaders

We want to keep track of where RustBridge workshops have happened! Please add the city where you're holding the workshop to this repository in two places:

  1. Add a dot to the globe in the introduction slides by editing globe.html and adding to the city_data variable the name of the city and the decimal latitude and longitude.
  2. In the text for the 2nd slide in intro.html, change the ordinal number of the workshop that you're running if necessary, and add your workshop's city to the speakers notes for that slide.

Then send a pull request to this repo so that future workshops know about you!!

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