A forum for rust community, using Rust, and Sapper.
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Forum for Rust Community, developed in Rust, with Sapper.

Now works on Rust.cc

How to run it


  1. postgresql 9.6+;
  2. redis;
  3. configure pg and redis connection addresses and ports in .env;
  4. execute cargo install diesel_cli;


  1. execute diesel setup;
  2. cargo build;
  3. configure nginx as the docs/template_nginx.conf discribes, and start nginx;
  4. cargo run --bin forustm_web;
  5. open a new tab, and cargo run --bin forustm_api;
  6. visit http://localhost;

Configurate Index Page Sections

  1. login with admin@admin.com (default password is admin, you can modify it after logined);
  2. visit http://localhost/admin/section to create new sections;
  3. use psql to find the ids(uuids) of new sections in pg;
  4. use redis-cli, connected to redis, select 1, and rpush cate_sections {uuid}, repeat it;
  5. and rpush proj_sections {uuid}, repeat it;

Configurate Index Page Public Notice

  1. in redis, select 1;
  2. hset pub_noticetitle xxxxxxxxxx`;
  3. hset pub_notice desc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;

Now, visit http://localhost again. That's all.

Good lucky!