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Set up your own cloud by following those simple steps:

STEP-1 : Download server-side software programs

Download or use docker rustdesk/rustdesk-server, Note: You need buy license When using this software

Three platform versions provided:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Synology, packaged based on above Linux build. The running logs are /var/log/hbbs.log and /var/log/hbbr.log. It is recommended to install the LogAnalysis package to view. Please ignore the error message of the C++ version if it runs normally.

Below tutorial is based on Linux build.

There are two executables:

  • hbbs - RustDesk ID/Rendezvous server
  • hbbr - RustDesk relay server

They are built on Centos7, tested on Centos7/8, Ubuntu 18/20.

STEP-2 : Run hbbs and hbbr on server

Run hbbs/hbbr on your server (Centos or Ubuntu). We suggust you use pm2 managing your service.

By default, hbbs listens on 21115(tcp) and 21116(tcp/udp), hbbr listens on 21117(tcp). Be sure to open these ports in the firewall.

  • TCP(21115, 21116, 21117)
  • UDP(21116)

Please run with "-h" option to see help if you wanna choose your own port.

Docker example

sudo docker image pull rustdesk/rustdesk-server
sudo docker run --name hbbr -p 21117:21117 -v `pwd`:/root -it --rm rustdesk/rustdesk-server hbbr -m <registered_email>
sudo docker run --name hbbs -p 21115:21115 -p 21116:21116 -p 21116:21116/udp -v `pwd`:/root -it --rm rustdesk/rustdesk-server hbbs -r <relay-server-ip> -m <registered_email>

STEP-3 : Set hbbs/hbbr address on client-side

Click on menu button on the right side of ID as below, choose "ID/Relay Server".


Please input hbbs host or ip address in ID server input box, and hbbr host or ip address in relay server input box.