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WebWorker Transferable Class Instances

Functions and methods inside the webworker can have their arguments and return types declared using Python3 style annotation type syntax. The SharedClass prototype is restored each time it is send to/from the webworker. This allows you to send objects that contain data and keep methods on the the top level object. Note: sub-objects of the transported do not have their class types automatically restored.

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from runtime import *

def show(txt):
		document.createTextNode(txt + '\n')

class SharedClass:
	def __init__(self, x,y,z):
		self.x = x
		self.y = y
		self.z = z

	def foobar(self):
		return self.x + self.y + self.z

with webworker:
	def somefunction() -> SharedClass:
		s = SharedClass(10,20,30)
		return s

	class MyWorker:
		def send(self, obj:SharedClass ) -> SharedClass:
			print obj
			print obj.foobar()
			obj.x = 10
			return obj

		def somemethod(self) -> SharedClass:
			s = SharedClass(100,200,300)
			return s

def main():
	global WORKER
	show('spawn worker...')
	WORKER = spawn( MyWorker() )

	show('creating SharedClass')
	a = SharedClass(1,2,3)

	show('sending data to worker')
	WORKER <- a

	show('getting data from worker')
	b = <- WORKER

	c = <- somefunction()

	d = <- WORKER.somemethod()


<body onload="main()">
<pre id="CONTAINER">