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Master Password in Pure Rust
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Master Password •••|

This is the Rust version of the original found here. This can be used as a drop-in replacement for the reference C version, offering greater runtime safety and memory leaks protection with at-par performance.


Building, testing and running

  • cargo test --release
  • cargo run --release


  • cargo run --release -- --benchmark

Installing via Cargo

  • Make sure Rust 1.15+ is installed.
  • Run cargo install mpw-rs
  • It will be available on PATH as mpw-rs for the current user.

"Next" features

To use the Argon2 based KDF instead of Scrypt:

  • cargo run --release -- -a next
  • This should not be used for production as the Argon2 params are experimental.
  • Uses Argon2i(pass=1, lanes=4, mem=128MB) as KDF instead of Scrypt.
  • This is only available in the Rust version.
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