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Read, write, and manipulate the Wasm WebIDL bindings custom section
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Read, write, and manipulate the Wasm WebIDL bindings custom section.

Build Status

What's Inside

  • A parser for the straw proposal text format. See crates/text-parser/src/grammar.lalrpop.

  • A set of AST types for representing and manipulating WebIDL bindings. See src/

  • An encoder and decoder for the straw proposal binary format. See the implementation at src/binary/ and details on the format at


Parsing the Text Format and Encoding it in the Binary Format

#[cfg(feature = "text")]
use wasm_webidl_bindings::{binary, text};

// Get the `walrus::Module` that this webidl-bindings section is for.
// The Wasm type and func that are being bound are:
//     (type $EncodeIntoFuncWasm
//       (param anyref anyref i32 i32)
//       (result i64 i64))
//     (func $encodeInto
//       (import "TextEncoder" "encodeInto")
//       (type $EncodeIntoFuncWasm))
let raw_wasm: Vec<u8> = get_wasm_buffer_from_somewhere();

let mut config = walrus::ModuleConfig::default();

// Register a function to run after the module is parsed, but with access to the
// mapping from indices in the original Wasm binary to their newly assigned
// walrus IDs.
// This is where we will parse the Web IDL bindings text.
config.on_parse(|module, indices_to_ids| {
    let webidl_bindings = text::parse(module, indices_to_ids, r#"
        type $TextEncoderEncodeIntoResult
                (field "read" unsigned long long)
                (field "written" unsigned long long))

        type $EncodeIntoFuncWebIDL
            (func (method any)
                (param USVString Uint8Array)
                (result $TextEncoderEncodeIntoResult))

        func-binding $encodeIntoBinding import $EncodeIntoFuncWasm $EncodeIntoFuncWebIDL
                (as any 0)
                (as any 1)
                (view Int8Array 2 3))
                (as i64 (field 0 (get 0)))
                (as i64 (field 1 (get 0))))

        bind $encodeInto $encodeIntoBinding

    println!("The parsed Web IDL bindings are {:#?}", webidl_bindings);

    // Insert the `webidl_bindings` into the module as a custom section.


let mut module = config.parse(&raw_wasm)?;

// Reserialize the Wasm module along with its new Web IDL bindings
// section.
let new_raw_wasm = module.emit_wasm();
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