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Merge pull request #63 from DrGoldfire/master

Switch Windows implementation to an SRWLOCK. Fixes #62.
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DrGoldfire committed Sep 7, 2018
2 parents 82b60dc + 8b4df76 commit 924bbdac647dd9a2d3ef62f01f7fdabff203e5f8
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  1. +8 −29 wee_alloc/src/
@@ -4,13 +4,12 @@ use core::cell::UnsafeCell;
use core::ptr::NonNull;
use memory_units::{Bytes, Pages};
use winapi::shared::minwindef::FALSE;
use winapi::shared::ntdef::NULL;
use winapi::um::memoryapi::VirtualAlloc;
use winapi::um::minwinbase::SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES;
use winapi::um::synchapi::{CreateMutexW, ReleaseMutex, WaitForSingleObject};
use winapi::um::winbase::{WAIT_OBJECT_0, INFINITE};
use winapi::um::winnt::{HANDLE, MEM_COMMIT, PAGE_READWRITE};
use winapi::um::synchapi::{
SRWLOCK, SRWLOCK_INIT, AcquireSRWLockExclusive, ReleaseSRWLockExclusive,
use winapi::um::winnt::{MEM_COMMIT, PAGE_READWRITE};
pub(crate) fn alloc_pages(pages: Pages) -> Result<NonNull<u8>, AllocErr> {
let bytes: Bytes = pages.into();
@@ -21,49 +20,29 @@ pub(crate) fn alloc_pages(pages: Pages) -> Result<NonNull<u8>, AllocErr> {
// Align to the cache line size on an i7 to avoid false sharing.
pub(crate) struct Exclusive<T> {
lock: UnsafeCell<HANDLE>,
lock: UnsafeCell<SRWLOCK>,
inner: UnsafeCell<T>,
impl<T: ConstInit> ConstInit for Exclusive<T> {
const INIT: Self = Exclusive {
lock: UnsafeCell::new(NULL),
lock: UnsafeCell::new(SRWLOCK_INIT),
inner: UnsafeCell::new(T::INIT),
impl<T> Exclusive<T> {
/// Get exclusive, mutable access to the inner value.
/// # Safety
/// Does not assert that the mutex calls return OK, unless the
/// "extra_assertions" feature is enabled. This means that if `f` re-enters
/// this method for the same `Exclusive` instance, there will be undetected
/// mutable aliasing, which is UB.
pub(crate) unsafe fn with_exclusive_access<'a, F, U>(&'a self, f: F) -> U
F: FnOnce(&'a mut T) -> U,
// If we haven't been through here yet, initialize the mutex.
if *self.lock.get() == NULL {
*self.lock.get() =
CreateMutexW(NULL as *mut SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES, FALSE, NULL as *mut u16);
extra_assert!(*self.lock.get() != NULL);
let code = WaitForSingleObject(*self.lock.get(), INFINITE);
"WaitForSingleObject should return WAIT_OBJECT_0"
let result = f(&mut *self.inner.get());
let code = ReleaseMutex(*self.lock.get());
extra_assert!(code != 0, "ReleaseMutex should return nonzero");

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