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HOWTO: Firejailed Tor Browser

  • Install firejail (repo) latest git, or if you are using a stable firejail release, have a look at stable-profiles.
  • Download Tor Browser
  • Verify the signature as described here.
  • Execute the script in a terminal:
    $ ./ ~/Downloads/tor-browser-linux64-8.5.4_en-US.tar.xz
    Or do the following steps:
    • Create ${HOME}/.firejailed-tor-browser and extract Tor Browser to it.
    • Copy the firejailed-tor-browser.profile file from this repo to $HOME/.config/firejail/firejailed-tor-browser.profile.
    • Copy the file from this repo to $HOME/.local/share/applications/firejailed-tor-browser.desktop and replace each occurrence of the string HOME with the content of $HOME.
    • Add blacklist ${HOME}/.firejailed-tor-browser to $HOME/.config/firejail/disable-programs.local
    • Summary
      $ mkdir $HOME/.firejailed-tor-browser
      $ tar -C "$HOME/.firejailed-tor-browser" --strip 1 -xJf ~/Downloads/tor-browser-linux64-8.5.4_en-US.tar.xz
      $ wget -O "$HOME/.config/firejail/firejailed-tor-browser.profile" ""
      $ wget -O- "" | sed "s;HOME;$HOME;g" > "$HOME/.local/share/applications/firejailed-tor-browser.desktop"
      $ echo 'blacklist ${HOME}/.firejailed-tor-browser' >> "${HOME}/.config/firejail/disbale-programs.local"
  • Now you can start Tor Browser from your Desktop Environment or by running firejail --profile=firejailed-tor-browser "$HOME/Browser/start-tor-browser".
  • Additionally, you can restrict the available interfaces with the net command.
    • List all interfaces: ip addr show or ifconfig
    • Add the interface with your internet connection to firejailed-tor-browser.local
    • Example: echo 'net wlan0' >> "${HOME}/.config/firejail/firejailed-tor-browser.local"
  • Tor Browser 10.5 added Wayland support. firejailed-tor-browser.profile enables the use of the wayland backend and blocks access to X11. If you still rely on X11, you need to run with --x11 or add the following to your firejailed-tor-browser.local:

License: MIT