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Bot listening to openstreetmap changeset stream and posting them to slack
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Slack Changesets

Post changesets within certain bounding box to a slack webhook of your choice.


Got a redis instance

If you have an instance of redis already running all you need to do is run the index.js with the --slackWebhook & --bbox switches. Following is an example for Lesotho:

 node index.js --slackWebhook= --bbox=[26.74072265625,-30.751277776257812,29.487304687499996,-28.53144]

Note: do not add spaces in the bbox switch.


After cloning the repository, first copy the sample env file and update the slack web hook url and the bounding box for the country you wish to monitor.

cp sample.env > .env

Start docker and slack webhooks should start ringing in.

docker-compose run -d app

To Do

  • Add cmd line args to supply webhook
  • Use geojson polygon to rather than bounding box for filtering (see turfjs/intersect)

Inspired by

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