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This repository - Share and Control a Slide Presentation on the Web

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What is SlideBlast?

SlideBlast is a realtime, web-based presentation tool built using Erlang, Nitrogen and Riak. It lets you display slides to multiple people through the web, and ensures that all attendees are viewing the same slide.


Step 1: Download and Install Ghostscript and Imagemagick

Step 2: Download, Install, and run Riak 0.9.1

Step 3: Download and Build Nitrogen

You can download a self-contained Nitrogen install for your platform from here: Nitrogen Downloads. Unzipping the .tar.gz, will create a 'nitrogen' directory.

Alternatively, build from source:

git clone git://
cd nitrogen
make rel_inets
cd rel/nitrogen

Step 4: Get Dependencies

Change to the rel/nitrogen/lib directory, then run:

hg clone
make -C protobuffs
hg clone
make -C riak-erlang-client

Step 5: Download and Configure the, and Start the Server

The default project contains skeleton code that we don't need. Delete the skeleton code:

rm -rf site

Now, pull the latest SlideBlast code from GitHub:

git clone git:// site

Set the Riak connection info in etc/app.config. Add these lines at the bottom of the 'nitrogen' configuration section:

% Specify the riak node.
{riak_ip, ""},
{riak_port, 8087}

Compile and start:

bin/nitrogen console

Browse to [http://localhost:8000]


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