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rql_parser is a project for parsing Riak Query Syntax into tokens.

SELECT category_id, sum(price_num)
WHERE category_id = 'test' AND price_num > 200
GROUP BY category_id


  • Step 1 - Get List of Keys
  • Step 2 - For Each Key, Assemble Fields that we need. At the end of the process, we want to get down to a list of values.
    • For a simple field, we return the value of the field. Field can either be in the metadata or in the object. Either way, we look it up and remember the result in process dictionary.
    • For functions across a field, the function needs to have a map step and a reduce step. The map step for count, for example, just returns a 1 if the field is present. The reduce step adds the values.
    • The list of values is stored in an ETS bag, under the group_by key. Group By fields can refer to aliased SELECT fields. The default group by field is ‘$’.