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Heart rate activated toilet flusher

Toilet flushing



Uses the Arduino Servo and PulseSensorPlayground libraries.


  • [heartflush.ino](src/non-remote\ version/heartflush.ino) is the main Arduino project file for the pulse sensing and toilet flushing
  • [flushtest_onstart.ino](src/tests\ version/flushtest_onstart.ino) is for testing the flushing only, it will flush the toilet when the Arduino is powered on

Project diagram

Project diagram

The Arduino, servo, and pulse sensors are currently mounted on a 1"x4"x8" piece of wood that rests on top of the toilet tank. The Arduino is powered by 9V DC and the servo is powered externally with 6V DC. The tip of the servo horn is attached to the top of the toilet chain using some jewelry making chain.

Servo and chain

When the servo is in its default position of 0 degrees it does not pull on the toilet chain and arm, when it is flushing it flips to 180 degrees and tugs on the chain and arm, thus pulling up the toilet flapper and allowing the water in the tank to flush.

Wiring schematic

Pulse activated version

Wiring schematic pulse

Pressure activated version

Wiring schematic pressure