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Creating a test corpus for a lightning network with 1M public channels
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Use this project to create a large test lightning network (~1M channels) with an accurate topology extrapolated from the current topology.

This network can be used to test routing algorithms and optimize lightning implementations.

Instructions on how to run without regenerating the network:

  1. Download 1M gossip and regtest chain

  2. A sample of the gossip produced can be found in data/1M/1M.gossip. This file is split into smaller files. To combine files run:

    `tar xfJ data.tar.xz`
    `mv bitcoin ~\.bitcoin\1M` 
  3. Create gossip_store using gossip

    `cd c-lightning`
    `./configure --enable-developer && make`
    `cd devtools`
    run the following command with the downloaded gossip files:
    `./create-gossipstore --verbose 100000 -i /path/to/gossip/1M.gossip -o ~/path/to/.lightning-datadir --csv /path/to/gossip/1M.scidSatoshis.csv`
  4. Set fields in that are currently set to /your/path/here (or pass in cmdline args to set them)

  5. Run clightning, point it to the right .lightning directory, and watch it load gossip. ./lightning-cli listchannels <-- should return ~1M channels

Generating network or gossip from scratch

  1. can create the network, regtest chain, or the gossip messages. Running with --build builds and saves the network. Add --analyze for pretty graphs and --draw for network graph.

    Running with --chain generates the chain.

    Running with --gossip generates gossip (Note: running gossip without chain will lead to incorrect scids).

    for example:

    generating 1M channel network:

    python3 --build --chain --gossip --name 1M --channels 1000000 --maxChannels 10000 generating 100K channels network:

    python3 --build --chain --gossip --name 100K --channels 100000 --maxChannels 1000

  2. building the network consists of analyzing a provided network and scaling it up. Therefore, you need your own network data and set analysisListChannelsFile You can use data provided in data/channels_1-18-18.json.zx (make sure you unzip). To get your own network data to feed into for building the network, run: ./lightning-cli listchannels on a highly connected node. You can use to help make your node highly connected

  3. To run without building network, you can use the .nodes files and .channels files provided in /data as the nodeSaveFile and channelSaveFile located in or as cmdline args (ex. --nodeSaveFile /path/to/file).

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