Amazon Cloudwatch Extra Metrics for Linux AMIs
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Amazon Cloudwatch Extra Metrics for Linux AMIs

Provides these Cloudwatch metrics which are not available in Amazon's "Detailed Monitoring" for EC2 instances by default.

  • FreeMemoryMBytes
  • ServiceAvailable-service
  • UsedMemoryPercent
  • YumUpdatesAvailable


Presuming you already have an AWS account and an EC2 AMI running Linux:

  • Install floodfx's aws-tools on your server. Make sure the following environment variables are available when a metric script runs (this should be done after installing aws-tools):
    • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - your AWS access key
    • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - your AWS access key
    • AWS_TOOLS_HOME - path to aws-tools
  • Clone this repo somewhere on the AMI


Set up a cron job to run a metric script from this repo at the desired interval.

Here is an example of the ec2-user crontab which sends metrics. It sets environment variables from ~/.bash_profile before running a script:

# memory stats every five minutes
*/5 * * * * . $HOME/.bash_profile; /path/to/cloudwatch-extra-metrics/metrics/
*/5 * * * *  . $HOME/.bash_profile; /path/to/cloudwatch-extra-metrics/metrics/

# reports a metric called ServiceAvailable-httpd
*/5 * * * *  . $HOME/.bash_profile; /path/to/cloudwatch-extra-metrics/metrics/ httpd

# yum updates status daily
@daily . $HOME/.bash_profile; /path/to/cloudwatch-extra-metrics/metrics/


  • The ServiceAvailable metric requires password-less sudo for the user running the job (comes with the Amazon Linux ec2-user account, may not come with default user in other AMIs).
  • The ServiceAvailable and YumUpdatesAvailable metrics may not show up in Cloudwatch until the first failure