Amazon EBS Linux Volume Snapshots
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Amazon EBS Linux Volume Snapshots

Finds all attached EBS volumes on a Linux EC2 AMI, creates snapshots.


Presuming you already have an AWS account and an EC2 AMI running Linux:

  • Install floodfx's aws-tools on your server. Make sure the following environment variables are available when the script runs (this should be done after installing aws-tools):
    • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - your AWS access key
    • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - your AWS access key
    • EC2_CERT - path to your private certificate
    • EC2_PRIVATE_KEY - path to your private key
    • AWS_TOOLS_HOME - path to aws-tools
  • Clone this repo somewhere on the AMI


Set up a cron job to run the backup script from this repo at whatever interval you'd like.

Here is an example crontab which runs daily, it sets environment variables from ~/.bash_profile before running:

@daily . $HOME/.bash_profile; /path/to/ebs-backup/