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BetterEnderChest wiki

BetterEnderChest is a Spigot plugin that makes Ender Chests secure and configurable. Disable the Ender Chest for certain players, while giving others more rows. Let your players protect their Ender Chest with Lockette and LWC, and let them share their chest to their friends in the same way they are already doing that with normal chests. Give some players access to the /enderchest command to open their chest from anywhere. Give your mods the ability ot open anyone's Ender Chest. Ender Chests can be separated between world groups, so that the plugin is also usable on servers with separated inventories.


  • Lockette and LWC integration
  • Public Ender Chest
  • Commands
  • Chest customization
  • Multiworld support - separated Ender Chests between worlds
  • Default Ender Chest for new players

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