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A very basic time tracker.

Dates are stored as integers using unhyphenated Universal Standard Date Format (YYMMDD). Each hour is simply the one- or two-digit 24-hour time for the data. A project worked on from 7pm to 8pm on the 27th of August, 12017, would be stored with date "170827" and hour "19". This isn't necessary for graphing, it's just how I write time across all projects.


To use Chronologicon on your own site as is, clone all except the HTML files to the directory you want to load Chronologicon from, add the HTML snippets to your own web pages, then delete the contents of 'chronologicon.json'. I haven't tested this. Shout at me on Twitter if it doesn't work.

new.html and display.html are snippets, not a entire files. Paste the contents of them into the <body> of whichever pages you want to input and display data from. For example, my submission page is chronologicon/new, and my display page is chronologicon/index. If you're already using jQuery, you can omit the references to that. Otherwise, you'll need to change the link to reference jQuery on your own site.

Include chronologicon.css in the <head> of these pages if you want to use my styling; otherwise, you can use the data output to style your own.

chron_write.php contains a (monumentally insecure) md5 hash password check. Replace the string there with the md5 hash of your desired password.


Vulnerable to brute force but no sensitive data accessible. Make regular backups of chronologicon.json. Improving this is on the to-do list.