Ongoing work on GitLab. Some experimental work to make YOURLS do what what I want.
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Ongoing development will be on gitlab.


Some experimental work to make YOURLS do what what I want. It's compatible with my 1.7 install but I can't guarantee backwards compatibility.

  • linkslist.php can be inserted into the /pages/ directory of your YOURLS installation to create a public page at http://[yourdomain]/linklist. It creates a very basic linked table of your 1000 most recent shortlinks on the YOURLS page background. I created it for a quick way to scan my links when I didn't feel like going into the admin interface. It's easy to increase or decrease the number of links in the table, just see the file.

  • list-links plugin is a plugin which to do the same function as linkslist.php, but restricted to your administrative interface. For those wary of making the data public.

  • You can use and index.php to create an unstyled front page table for YOURLS, with titles as the anchor text, rather than the URL. Place in your /pages/ directory and the index.php in your document root.