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Design-first Android application to accompany the idea described below.

Remember that time you forgot your winter jacket at home? And now that you're 8000 miles across the world in California, the weather is an extremely confusing 20 °F?

Remember how it cost you $150 to have it shipped over and you realized, standing at the front door, two weeks later, package in your hands, that (A), you could have bought another jacket for that much, and (B), it's not cold anymore.

The world is more interconnected than ever before and yet it costs a ridiculous amount of money, and takes and unreasonable amount of time to have something sent across the world. TravelCraft wants to fix that. It's based on the premise that there is at least one passenger travelling between any two major cities across the world who is willing to lend his/her excess baggage space to someone else.

TravelCraft's larger purpose is to connect rural economies (in the form of independent crafts-people and the like in sparsely connected parts of the world) to buyers across the planet. This is the idea that has been showcased in this application.