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Application to help time estimation for digital agencies.
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Application to help time estimation for digital agencies.

Main Goals

  • Time estimations should get way easier and faster for the whole team.
  • This should be an easy to use tool for newcomers.


We have a temporary demonstration version on running the develop branch. Just log in using an OpenID account and test the application.



Some knowledge on the Django web framework is required for setting up an Estimate application. Though it might be a bit more challenging for someone without a previous experience on it, there are plenty of documentation and tutorials available. You can find below the steps to install Estimate on a server and some useful links.

  • Configure a django installation on a webserver of your preference, though I have only tested it on Apache with wsgi, any other popular option should be fine too. You can find more instruction on those in the Django Documentation
  • Clone the repo on your server in a folder of your preference
  • Create a python virtual environment for your installation, this step is probably optional but highly recomended. For more instructions check the Virtualenv website
  • Install the project dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Create a estimate/ file, you should use estimate/ as a reference.
  • Configure your database, MySQL as an example will need an extra pip install MySQL-python
  • Configure django project, such as sync the database and collect the static files


Released under the MIT License.

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